Activities for Seniors: Creating the Right Exercise Program

Senior exercise program

There are several benefits that seniors can get from a regular exercise routine. Workouts can help the elderly keep their muscle tone and boost their endurance so they can maintain their independence for longer. You could create the perfect exercise program for yourself or for your loved ones that adequately suits their capacity and needs. […]

A Better Fit: Finding an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living Facility

There are some momentous events in the life of elderly loved one or a family caregiver. Yet, few can compare to the moment when your elderly loved one moves out of their home and into an assisted living facility. It can be a very emotional time for all. If your elderly loved one has been […]

A Letter from One to Another: The Caregiver Journey

Dear Reader,  Somewhere along the way, we lost the plot of the movie of life. At one time, families were multigenerational units. They lived close to one another. They accepted that caring for mothers to be, elderly and everyone in between was a family event and a right of passage. With our fast-paced lives, our […]

It Takes a Village to Honor the Elderly

It Takes A Village Thumbnail

When we become parents, we childproof our homes to ensure a level of comfort for not only the child but the family as well. Routinely assessing and responding to the needs of a home’s inhabitants and a home’s condition is a good idea to put into practice. Our needs change and our home should change […]

The Little Pink Suitcase

Pink Suitcase

My mom had a set of pink suitcases that she used for travel. Why pink? Because it was easy to spot when most luggage in black, blue and brown. My mom was a pretty smart woman.  I don’t remember much about these suitcases before a certain point in time.  But,  I remember retrieving them from […]

The Blessing of Grape Tomatoes

blessing grape tomatoes

When I used to visit my mom in her assisted living or skilled nursing facility, I always came armed.    Now, before anyone jumps to any conclusions, let me explain…    As with many individuals who have dementia, my mom’s personality changed as the years passed. We dealt with bouts of confusion, depression, anxiety and […]

Entertaining Elderly Loved Ones

entertaining loved ones

Let’s face it, it is not always easy to be with an elderly loved one who has dementia. Well-meaning interactions can be met with anxiety, anger, and even confusion. With the holidays approaching, now is a great time to think about how to include an elderly loved one in a celebration and make it as […]

5 Conversation Starters to Use with Elderly Loved Ones

Five Conversation Starters

It is often hard to initiate or maintain conversations with elderly loved ones who are impacted by memory or word finding issues. If a conversation is to be had, it  often falls to the caregiver or family member. Read on for simple conversation starters to use with the elderly.    Talk about the weather. It’s […]