It Takes a Village to Honor the Elderly

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When we become parents, we childproof our homes to ensure a level of comfort for not only the child but the family as well. Routinely assessing and responding to the […]

The Little Pink Suitcase

Pink Suitcase

My mom had a set of pink suitcases that she used for travel. Why pink? Because it was easy to spot when most luggage in black, blue and brown. My […]

The Blessing of Grape Tomatoes

blessing grape tomatoes

When I used to visit my mom in her assisted living or skilled nursing facility, I always came armed.    Now, before anyone jumps to any conclusions, let me explain…  […]

Entertaining Elderly Loved Ones

entertaining loved ones

Let’s face it, it is not always easy to be with an elderly loved one who has dementia. Well-meaning interactions can be met with anxiety, anger, and even confusion. With […]

Being Imperfectly Perfect

What a journey caregiving is! So, as I began my journey, I thought I would breeze through this stuff.  What an eyeopener it was for me to realize I was […]

Love Comes in Many Shapes, Colors…and Fabrics

I wrote a short first-person article called The Blessing of a Wheelchair. Here is an excerpt from the original writing:   “Wheelchair (n)…a chair mounted on wheels for those who […]

The Blessing of a Wheelchair

Wheelchair (n)…a chair mounted on wheels for those who cannot walk; origin late 1600s. One can go through a whole lifetime without even a thought of its effects, or life […]