Our Mission Statement

LA Elderly is a source for connection, information, and inspiration for family caregivers and those who care for the elderly

On the shloshim (30th day) commemorating her mother’s passing, Michelle Porjes, a distinguished Jewish educator in Los Angeles, established a Facebook group, LA Elderly whose goal is support and exchange of information. For the previous ten years, she had found herself smack in the middle of the “sandwich generation” raising children and taking care of parents at the same time. She said that in the years that followed, she interacted with an imperfect system that added additional stress to an already challenging situation. She felt that our elderly who had already contributed to society as well as the family members who care for them deserved better. Her Facebook group quickly became a place of support, practical advice and referrals and now three years later, it has 2000 members.

Four years later, we are bringing forth a new dimension of LA Elderly. The website LA Elderly: Information, Connection and Inspiration is designed to reach even more individuals who are searching for information and meaning in a time of life that no one really plans for–when the care and comfort of elderly loved one’s becomes the responsibility of others.

LA Elderly: Information, connection and inspiration is divided into 5 sections:

wisdom that is shared by others who have more experience

awakening inside that what we do matters

building one’s capacity to be true to oneself on a consistent basis

human relationships that deepen a moment, inspire a spark of light and create trust

supports that help make moments in time feel more doable and effective

All sections together comprise a holistic approach to eldercare and being in the sandwich generation. No one section is more important than the other. All the sections together create a robust picture of what can be a lonely and bleak time in life. 

Here you can connect ideas and people,  discover inspiration to move forward and ways to take care of yourself, gather information to solve and find resources in the Los Angeles community so you do not have to feel you are alone.