5 Ways to Include Grandparents in the Excitement of Starting the New School Year

Five Ways Grandparents

Despite feelings of nervousness, the new school year is an exciting time for all! Why not include grandparents in this unique time with these ideas: 


  • Have your child decorate a simple frame and write “1st day of school” on the frame. Then print a first day of school picture, place it in the frame and give it to the grandparents as a gift. Each year, you can print a new picture for the frame. 


  • Have the grandparents write a handwritten letter to each grandchild to share thoughts, hopes or memories of school. Then have them mail it to the child. Who doesn’t love to get mail?


  • Set up a time for the grandparents to tell their grandchildren about what school was like for them when they were that age. For older children, they can write a list of questions they want to ask. 


  • Children often get new supplies and clothes in honor of the school year. Why not have grandparents participate in this ritual? It does not have to be costly or involve a laborious shopping trip. It truly is the connection that matters. Knowing that grandma and grandpa bought you the new backpack or new pencil case you wanted can feel great for a kid!


  • When the first week of school is in the books, have your child send a postcard with an update on school. EVERYONE loves mail!


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