Self-Care: A Lost Art

I’m in many online groups. It’s a way to see what the “hot” topic is, learn about new tools and strategies and connect with others who have common interests.

One group had the following post the other day “Every few years popular buzzwords come around and get overused. Anyone else ever tired of hearing/seeing certain words?”  There were many responses 73 to be exact and included such words as “authentic” “unprecedented” “pivot” “manifest” etc. But there was one that caught my eye “self-care” *. And…I was a little sad to see this.

You see, self-care is what got me through the marathon of losing who my mom was. It was what fueled me so I could make thoughtful and reflective decisions. It’s what allowed me to wear all the hats–a parent, a child, a colleague and a friend. It was what saved me during the three extraordinary heavy months of hospice care. In short, self-care and I are deeply and forever connected.

For me, self-care will never be a buzzword. It’s a part of who I am and something that belongs in my life.

If you are not passionate about self-care or maybe it’s a buzzword for you, that’s OK.

Just consider this–there are many types of self care: physical, spiritual, rest, mental, social, financial, professional….pick just one and give it a try. I think you will be glad you did.

* I went back and found the original post and reread all the comments. I KNOW I saw self-care as a comment, but try as I may I could not find the comment. This is my blog and I am sticking to my narrative. ! Onward!