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The Blessing of a Wheelchair

Wheelchair (n)…a chair mounted on wheels for those who cannot walk; origin late 1600s. One can go through a whole lifetime without even a thought

My Grandfather’s Pencil

My grandfather on my mother’s side was a stubborn man. Perhaps it was fleeing Europe in the 1940s. Maybe it was that he had a

Time for Some Bold Steps

Recently, a colleague of mine reached out to tell me about an elderly relative and the loneliness this relative was experiencing. “What activities are available?”

The Outside Looking In

This is one of my favorite views in my house. It’s taken from the perspective of my leather recliner looking through the living room into

Self-Care: A Lost Art

I’m in many online groups. It’s a way to see what the “hot” topic is, learn about new tools and strategies and connect with others

The Blessing of a Used Book

As it became more clear that the pandemic would be around for a while, I began to think more critically about how I use my

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