Grandma & Great Grandma

Grandma & Great Grandma

Susan Fink

Personal Trainer

My mother is a grandmother of five and a great-grandmother of three. At 91, she still volunteers, plays mah jongg, and, as you can see above, participates in water exercise on a regular basis. She is a breast cancer survivor and has both knee and shoulder issues. Does anything stop her? Only the quarantine that has been instituted in her senior living community. Still, she goes to an exercise class on site (limited to four residents) and does some of her volunteer work from her apartment.

My mother has always been active and hates to sit still. When my father became ill and had trouble walking they took bus tours.

I don’t think my mother knew how much she was helping herself by staying mentally and physically active all these years. Whether she knew it or not she was a great role model for me.

When my mother was in her 40s, she was so proud that she could still do cartwheels. Now that I am 64 and a grandmother, I am proud that I can still do cartwheels. And I want to be able to continue to be active into my 90s just like her.

I know that doing cartwheels is not a priority for everyone. But living a healthy, fully functional life into our 90s probably is. Let’s talk and see how I can help you make that a reality.