Five Ways to Help Keep the Elderly Independent and Connected to Life

Five Ways to Help Seniors

Sometimes elderly people can be fierce about maintaining their independence. It is hard to give up taking care of oneself and give the reins over to someone else. So, let’s keep our elderly involved in life so they feel life is valuable and they can have safe control over parts of their lives. Read on for five ways to help maintain a sense of independence.


  1. If you have an ipad that still works, take it to an elderly person.  Show them how to access a few apps that can keep them engaged and connected.
  2. Create a potted plant garden. They can add beauty and create purpose as plants need daily care to grow and flourish. 
  3. Take daily walks with an elderly loved one. Fresh air and exercise, even if it is being pushed in a wheelchair, is good for the mind, body and spirit. . And, you may just learn tidbits of history and wisdom from their perspective.
  4. Birds are always a delight to watch. Purchase a bird feeder and keep it filled with birdseed. For an additional treat, find a spot for a hummingbird feeder. Keep their feeder filled with fresh hummingbird nectar for entertainment!
  5. Help the elderly or homebound decorate for the holidays. Decorating for a variety of holidays helps keep the elderly oriented to the passage of times. It also creates opportunities to discuss what they remember about the holidays or how holidays were celebrated in the past. 

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